Elite Tactical


Elite tactical GAPManners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce a new lay-up option for our tactical line of stocks. It will be called the Elite Tactical shell option.

This is basically the same technology and 100% carbon fiber shell that comes standard in our Elite Hunter series of stocks, but with a bit of old school twist to it. This option is available in all our tactical stocks including the folders.



Elite Tactical GAP

Elite Tactical Midnight


Elite Moss


Stock Technical Specifications

We offer this option in 5 different finishes, Elite GAP Camo, Elite Black Forest Camo, Elite Midnight Camo, Elite Moss and Elite Swamp. All of these finishes will be considered a field grade finish. What this means is that small imperfections may be visible in the finish such as mold lines, small sanding marks and fabric imperfections in the carbon fiber fabric.

The Elite Tactical stocks will also come standard with our tough armor grip and textured clear finish over the top.