February 21st, 2011

Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce the development of there new 22 trainer stock for the very popular CZ 452 Р455 actions

This will be the second 22 trainer stock that we have developed in the last few years. The goal is the same as the first stock which was desingned for the SakoQuad.

This project was started for the guys that wanted a full size rimfire training rifle that had the same size and feel as their full size service gun. Although you will not get the same recoil, you will be able to practice the basics of shooting on the same size platform without the cost of centerfire ammo. The goal was to have a gun that had the same balance, feel, and as close to same ergonomics as a full size Remington 700. The modifications that we did to the stock make it so the bolt handle and trigger are in the same location as your full size service rifle. This stock can also be had with a special heavy fill so that the completed rifle will weigh in about 13lbs. We attempted to build this as a mid level gun without having to use a 40X style action and all the cost associated. Please contact the office for more details.