Developed exclusively for the Precision Rifle Series

These two additions to the Manners lineup were designed and constructed to imitate an I-beam for strength and stiffness.
Both stocks have a wide, flat bottom for shooting off barricades, and both have a very shallow forend tip.
The key difference between the two is in the bottom of the butt section. The PRS1 has a hook for the shooter to control the rifle with
his non-trigger hand and the PRS2 does not. Both PRS stocks come standard with the Elite layup. Or the option of the  New Platinum layup process,




In response to all the guys asking for a smaller, traditional-style stock that will accept a carbon fiber wrapped barrel, we have developed the new MCS-EH6A. This is an adjustable-cheek version of our popular MCS-EH6 with a few tweaks. The top of the forend has been widened to accept up to a Proof Research Medium Sendero carbon barrel. We also added a fully adjustable cheek. Even with the added weight of the adjustable cheek, this stock still only weighs about 2.4 lbs. The balance of the EH6A is perfect when running a bigger barrel and larger optics.




True molded-in action and barrel channel area. Extremely stiff and strong, also reduces weight.

One of our most important goals at MCS is to keep developing improved methods for making composite stocks lighter and stronger. We are very proud to introduce a new layup process for 2017 called the Platinum Series. The first stocks available using this process are the new MCS-PRS1 and PRS2. The major difference between the Elite and Platinum Series is that the Platinum Series has a true molded-in action and barrel channel area, which makes the stock very stiff and strong, but also reduces weight. The first production stocks coming out are actually 2 to 3 ounces lighter than the Elite series, but twice as stiff and strong.
With the Platinum Series process, MCS stocks will be, hands down, the lightest, stiffest, strongest composite stocks on the market.

 *Available now for the Gap #6 or 1.30" Straight barrel contours

Platinum Series



Super light and rock solid.

Tailored for Precision Rifle Series competitions, the new MCS-MPA Barricade System was a joint venture between Manners and MasterPiece Arms.   Our goal was to develop a way to incorporate MPA's proven system into our composite stocks. The end result is impressive -- super light and rock solid.
MPA Rail



Long Range Tactical

Created particularly for the King of the Two Mile competition, this stock comes in two versions. The first version is for shooters running up to a 1.6” diameter action, and the second for a 2” 50bmg/416 action. There are also two different cheek designs available depending on the throw, size and diameter of the bolt. The adjustable cheek comes standard with KMW hardware. The overall length of the LRT is 7 to 8 inches longer than a standard stock, giving it better balance and stability. The MCS-LRT is standard with a semi-inlet and no butt pad.