Colors and Finishes

Elite Tactical Metallic - New for 2018

For 2018 MCS has added 4 new Elite Competition Metallic Colors, made especially for the PRS competition shooters who like to stand out in a crowd. All metallic colors are offered in clear gloss or flat, available only in 100% carbon fiber.

All metallic colors are offered in clear gloss or flat, available only in 100% carbon fiber.


Elite Tac Arctic Molded - New for 2018

New 2018 MCS presents Elite Tactical Arctic Molded finish.


Elite Tactical Americana - New for 2018

Elite Tac Americana shown in optional Gloss finish, comes standard in Flat Americana finish.


Elite Clear Web

New for 2016, the MCS Elite Clear Web. The web shown is in OD Green color, webbing is available in any of our standard colors.

MCS Elite Clear Web Finish

Elite Tactical Camo

Camo color available on our new Elite Tactical Shell option. From left to right; Black Forest, GAP, Midnight, Moss and Swamp.

Elite Moss
Elite Swamp


Scorched Earth - New for 2018

MCS-PRS1TK stock with MCS-DBMTK mini A version of our MCS-EH1 chassis finished out in the new Elite Tac Scorched Earth Camo.


Molded In Field-Grade Finishes – Solid / Camo Patterns

Manners Composite Stocks is proud to offer Molded in finishes on select models ( note list below ). We have developed a procedure that works very well with our state of the art stock making process. It allows us to mold the finish into the stock, while maintaining a very thin gelcoat which keeps the fabric close in the corners. By doing this we maintain a super strong shell with less of a chance of chipping in the corners.

Our Molded in finish is considered a Field-Grade finish. What this means is that small imperfections may be visible in the finish such as mold lines, sanding marks and fiberglass cloth. Although the final finish is not dead flat like our painted stocks, they come with a sanded matte finish to minimize reflections. The basic MCS-Camo consists of three colors, a base, which is usually 40%, and two minor colors that usually are 30% each of the total finish.

We do our best to maintain the color balance of the Camo, but each one is done by hand and two stocks are never the same. If for any reason the balance is not what you expected, we will be more than happy to refinish in a solid painted finish.

There is 7 different molded in versions of our MCS-Camo and 2 solid colors ( OD Green and Light Coyote ). All of our Molded-In Stocks now come standard with Armour-Grip Finish. Armour-Grip is a textured flat clear finish that is applied to the stock. This Provides a grip texture, which comes in handy during wet conditions. desert-sage woodland gap midnight mud forest desert


Premium Painted Finishes – Solid

This is considered our top of the line premium finish. Before painting, all our stocks are hand-sanded, primed, and painted to eliminate all surface imperfections. The paint used is an industrial grade, very durable, two part polyurethane enamel paint. All colors are a dead flat finish to minimize light reflection and have a non-slip pebble finish.

This paint is very durable and well suitable for all conditions. It is impervious to most gun cleaning solvents, but harsh solvents should be wiped off. It will scratch like all paints if dragged over rocks, limbs, and other sharp surfaces. Below is the basic solid colors that we offer, but we can match just about anything you want.

Premium Painted Finishes – 3-Color Speckle

We are introducing two new premium painted 3-color finishes, Desert Hunter and Forest Hunter. Colors are approximate and differ slighty due to variance in graphics and programs used for viewing printing .