2018 MCS-CS Compact Stock

MCS-CS Compact Stock

The MCS-CS was engineered with a quickly deployable butt system, making it the perfect platform for a compact, easily stowed, bolt action rifle. With one push of a button, you have a choice of 9 rock-solid positions with an LOP ranging from 10.25” to 13.5”.

The MCS-CS was designed for a Remington 700 style short action with a barrel contour up to an M24.

The butt system is constructed of mil spec hard-coated aluminum and nitrated tool steel. The overall length of the collapsed stock is 24.75” with a 15.25” forend measured from rear action screw to tip. The CS also features a non-adjustable high cheek to raise your head for larger objective scopes. This stock may also be ordered with an elite tactical shell which brings the weight down to about 2.75 lbs.