Just like all of our other products, a lot of work went into the development of these stocks. They are designed with these ultimate goals in mind: ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. These stocks are engineered for the correct stiffness to weight ratio using state- of-the-art processes during manufacturing. The outer shells are made with 35% aircraft-grade carbon fiber and 65% fiberglass in multiple layers.

The stocks are hand laid with high temperature epoxy resins, placed under a vacuum, and heat cured to obtain the perfect resin to fabric weight ratio. Standard configuration of the Tikka T3 and Sako Quad stocks are a little different than the other stocks we make. They are considered a true bolt-in and go. They will come standard with a fixed 1" Pachmyer Decelerator pad and be fully inletted, ready to drop your factory barreled action in and go.

The Sako Quad stocks can be ordered with a molded-in gel coat or a painted finish. While the Tikka stocks can only be ordered with an industrial grade very durable, polyurethane enamel paint which is impervious to most gun cleaning solvents. We also offer for both, the option of many different painted camo patterns that can be found on our colors and finishes page.


MCS-PRS1TK - New for 2018


MCS-PRS1TK stock with MCS-DBMTK mini A version of our MCS-EH1 chassis finished out in the new Elite Tac Scorched Earth Camo. We are offering two new Tikka stocks designed especially for this chassis:

MCS-PRS1TK: A special high-tang version of our MCS-PRS1 stock.

MCS-EH1TK: A version of our MCS-EH1


2018 Tikka Chassis

TIKKA CHASSIS - New for 2018

Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce the new MCS-DBMTK mini chassis system. The DMBTK has the same basic features as our standard MCS-DMB Gen 2 mini chassis, but is designed to work with all Tikka actions chambered in short calibers. It is considered a true bolt in and go system. Comes standard with a precision-ground stainless recoil lug and AI-style 5 round magazine. The MCS-DBMTK also features a lowprofile ambidextrous mag release and an extended mag well.





This project was started for the guys that wanted a full size rimfire training rifle that had the same size and feel as their full size service gun. Although you will not get the same recoil, you will be able to practice the basics of shooting on the same size platform without the cost of centerfire ammo. The goal was to have a gun that had the same balance, feel, and as close to same ergonomics as a full size Remington 700.

The modifications that we did to the stock make it so the bolt handle and trigger are in the same location as your full size service rifle. This stock can also be had with a special heavy fill so that the completed rifle will weigh in about 13lbs. We attempted to build this as a mid level gun without having to use a 40X style action and all the cost associated..

We feel that the Quad is the best platform to fit this need. It can be bolted in as a factory gun, or the owner will be able to upgrade on his own when he wants. Options like a decent trigger, ease of doing a tactical bolt knob conversion at home, and other options like no gunsmithing required to upgrade to a heavy Lilija barrel, make this the best choice.

Tikka CTR bottom metal will sit proud on the bottom of the stock.





This is a special version of our MCS-T4 that is designed just for the Tikka T3.

This stock allows you to use your factory detach trigger guard with out any modifications. You can also run the aftermarket CDI system. It comes standard with a fixed 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad and can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system with a 1/2″ Decelerator pad. The standard weight for the T4 is 2.8 lbs. The forend is about 2.50” wide and will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter.

The sides and bottom of the forend and the bottom of the butt behind the hook are parallel with the bore. This allows the stock to ride very straight and true if you want to use bags. The forend of the stock is only textured on the back half and we lengthened the pistol grip about 1/4″ longer compared to the T2 stock.

Tikka CTR bottom metal will sit proud on the bottom of the stock.

Other stocks avalible for the Tikka T3

We can inlet just about all of our tactical and hunting stocks for the Tikka T3 actions. To do this, there is a few options and changes that must be done to the stock.

First the rear tang will need to be built up to match the Tikka tang, this is a $55.00 option. Because the rear tang on these stocks are modified, they are only available in a painted finish. Second, the factory trigger guard will not work, a CDI detach mag system must be used.

This system is available through us our you can order straight through CDI cdiprecisiongunworks.com. It is best to contact the office direct to order this stock.