What Makes Us Elite?

What Makes Us Elite?

What Makes Us EliteA. Elite Tactical shell option (shown in molded-in Black Forest Camo) - It's a 100% carbon fiber shell and comes standard with our lightweight controlled fill process. Super strong, lightweight and stiff, it will hold up to any magnum caliber that you can throw at it. To back this up, as with all of our products, we offer a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best customer service in the industry.

B. American-made sling studs with 10x32 threads that are inserted into steel t-nuts which are embedded in the stock.

C. Optional - MCS-DBM mini chassis. When combined with one of our bulletproof stocks, we consider this a true bolt-in and go system. The sturdy aluminum chassis with its self centering bedding system is designed to support the action with 5 different contact points. When installed, you will have a repeatable bedding system that supports a fully floated barrel for maximum accuracy.

D. American-made flush cups which are threaded into the shell of the stock and secured with bedding compound. They come in two versions, standard and non-rotating.

E. KMW LoggerHead premium adjustable cheek hardware. It has been standard equipment in all of our adjustable stocks from day one. Why settle for a cheap copy?

F. The rear stud is not just threaded into the shell like other manufacturers; we actually install an aluminum block with a stainless helicoil to secure the stud. Why chance having your rear stud pull out and seeing your custom rifle bouncing off the rocks?