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A lot of work went into developing our tactical series stocks. They were designed with an ultimate goal in mind, ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. These stocks are engineered for the correct stiffness to weight ratio using state of the art processes during manufacturing ...

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Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce our new line of hunting stocks called the Elite Hunter Series. A lot of work went into the development for this line of stocks. The ultimate goal was to be as light as possible but still maintain the ruggedness, stability, accuracy and ergonomics of the rest of our lineup ...

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There has been a lot of time and effort by MCS and many world class shooters to develop our F- class stock. The length of the stocks are very long. From the back of the action to the tip of the stock is about 27 inches long which is about 7 1/2 longer than the MCS-T4 stock ...

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New for 2019

For 2019 Manners Composite Stock introduces a lineup of new products, including MCS-UC Ultimate Classic hunting stock, MCS-CS Compact Stock 2.0, redesigned MCS-T2AGAP and MCS-T4A TEAM.

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Manners Composite Stocks continues to dominate competitive shooting:

  • In 2014, almost 30% of all the shooters who finished in the top 50 ran a Manners Stock including 7 of the top 10. 
  • In 2015, pro shooters trusted a Manners Composite Stock more than twice as much as any other brand.  About 1/3 of the shooters in the top 100 and almost 40% in the top 50 were using Manners stocks, and top 10 shooters chose Manners Stocks more than any other single brand.
  • In 2016, pro shooters still trusted a Manners Composite Stock more than twice as much as any other brand, with about 1/3 of shooters using a Manners stock.
  • In 2017, 3 of the top 5 shooters for the season performed with a MCS stock.
In 2018, Manners All-Employee team won the prestigious King Of 2 Miles Match.  3 of the top 6 shooters relied on a Manners MCS-LRT stock. In the Precision Rifle Series, Manners was by far the most used and trusted composite stock with numerous top wins.


Manners All-Employee Team wins 2018 prestigious King of 2 Miles!

  • Leading the team was Robert Brantley with a 1st place win.  Robert took his place on the throne by racking up double the points of any previous winner.
  • Thomas Manners brought home a 6th place finish and Drew Manners finished 21st in a tough crowd of competitors.

The King of 2 Miles match is the premier small arms long range match. It is designed to push what is possible in terms of cold bore shots and first round hits at extreme distances up to 2 miles (3520 yards) out. Teams are comprised of 3 members, each taking turns at shooting, spotting and wind coaching. 

Manners All-Employee Team wins 2018 prestigious King of 2 Miles