Elite Tactical Shell
* High Gloss finish is an extra option on Elite Tactical Clear

Manners Composite Stocks has become known in the industry as the top of the line manufacturer for super strong, stiff, light weight stocks. Our product line includes tactical, hunting and World Record holding competition stocks. Our stocks are  designed with an ultimate goal in mind, ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. This is achieved with state of the art manufacturing process and space age materials. Every item that we manufacture is engineered to exceed any type of abuse that you can put it through. To back this up, each item has a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best customer service in the industry.

Important: Please note, from time to time AI mags are at a limited supply, during these times we will be shipping Accurate mags with our DBM chassis.


Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce a new lay-up option for our tactical line of stocks. It will be called the Elite Tactical shell option.

This is basically the same technology and 100% carbon fiber shell that comes standard in our Elite Hunter series of stocks, but with a bit of old school twist to it. This option is available in all our tactical stocks including the folders. Back when we started Manners Stocks, some of the first stocks that we produced were clear carbon fiber. read more »

OEM Projects for 2014

December 26th, 2013 | posted in MCS News & Announcements

mcs-cz2014Manners Composite Stocks proudly announces continued OEM cooperation with CZ-USA for 2014.
Three mutual projects will be launched at the Shot Show in Las Vegas in January. We have put a lot of thoughts and experience into the development and we believe that the new models will become a sought after rifles in its respective niche markets.

CZ 550 “Western Series” Sonoran rifle has been designed for long range hunting and will feature 100 % Carbon fiber light weight hunting stock in OD Green, for CZ 550 H.E.T II in .338 Lapua we have developed heavy duty tactical stock in camo pattern and CZ 455 Precision Trainer cal. 22 LR stock has been upgraded to molded in camo color for 2014.


Elite Hunter Series

January 18th, 2013 | posted in MCS News & Announcements

Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce our new line of hunting stocks called the Elite Hunter series. A lot of work went into the development for this line of stocks. The ultimate goal was to be as light as possible but still maintain the ruggedness, stability, accuracy and ergonomics of the rest of our lineup. To accomplish this we went back to the drawing board. See our new Elite Hunter series in the Hunting stock section.

Manners Composite Stocks is proud to introduce the new MCS-BDL mini chassis system. This chassis was designed in conjunction with are new line of  Elite Hunter Series stocks. It is designed to work with the factory Remington BDL trigger guard, internal mag box and factory action screws. The basic design is just like our MCS-DBM mini chassis but instead of using a detachable mag it uses the factory hinged bottom metal. read more »